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07 Apr

I left my Shawl Jacket in San Francisco

Posted by Robin Beachner

As the cab drove away from my hotel on a recent visit to San Francisco I realized I left my new favorite travel piece in the closet. I was already running late! What to do? Should I risk missing my flight in order to be wrapped in my yummy garment dyed cotton modal jacket? Yes! "Please take me back to the hotel, I forgot something!" The panic in my voice sounded like I left my wallet in my room. Cleaning ladies were busy as I breathlessly ran in to grab my Sense Shawl Jacket. Alas! It was gone. I called the front desk to see if someone had dropped it off at lost and found. (Sigh). Oh Well, at least I know where I can go to replace it! Lucky me, and lucky you ~ If you are reading this I invite you to order the "Sense Shawl Jacket" for yourself and use this discount code for $50 off.  You heard that right! Use discount code: shawljacket50 at checkout... and don't leave it behind! ​https://iwantsense.com/collections/available-now/products/shawl-jacket
Enjoy ! ~ Robin